Have you already been to the top cities of Australia like Canberra, Melbourne or Sydney or you want to escape from the huge crowd there and yet be close to nature and life? Well then, Adelaide should be your destination of choice. Being built in the laps of nature, this city has much more to offer to its visitors than the well structured buildings and the grand mansions. Attractions, both in and around the city, will ensure that you not only have a good time but a lifetime memory.

Adelaide map

When it comes to deciding the places that are a must visit while in Adelaide, any visitor may fall in a dilemma as each place may seem to be better than the other and not to be missed. But most tourists do not have much time to explore all the gems of the city and that is why, we present to you a list of the Top 10 things that you mustn’t skip if you are planning to visit Adelaide:

1.     Haigh’s Chocolates

Haigh’s Chocolates

Whether you are a girl or a boy, a child or an adult, love for chocolates is something that we all cherish and when you have something like Haigh’s Chocolates for you waiting in Adelaide, you sure will make it your first destination. Chocolates in all forms, bars, truffles and all other ordinary and extraordinary forms; you are sure to get them here only. Not only that, you can have a tour of the factory too, enjoying how your favorite dessert is made and formed into all sorts of moulds that we all like. Eat some and bring home some!

      Getting there

The factory or the store, whatever you may call it as, is located very close to the city’s center and takes about a quarter of an hour to reach from the Airport. The can fare will be in the range of $15-$20.

2.     North Terrace

If buildings and massive structures interest you both, then the North Terrace would be the right place to start your tour days. Historic buildings as well as cultural centers are what mark the streets in this ‘green’ boulevard. You start on with the Parliament House that you will find where the North Terrace crosses the King William Street. This is one of the most significant structures that are dotted on the face of Adelaide.

North Terrace


Once you have had a fill at the Parliament House, you can easily go down street and find the Art Gallery of South Australia, the South Australian Museum and the State Library of South Australia, all side by side, ready to fulfill your dose of nostalgia and culture. The day doesn’t end here as at a small distance, you have the Gothic style Mitchell Building of the University of Adelaide, all ready to make you marvel at its built and beauty.

       Getting there

If you are coming from the direction of the Airport, the North Terrace will be at a driving distance of around 20 minutes and cost you around $30. However, if you are staying in any of the hotels in the CBD, the ride will cost you around $10 and take about 5-7 minutes.

3.     Adelaide Central Market

Adelaide Central Market

This is not the usual shopping market where you go looking for dresses, bags, jewelry, furniture, etc. The Adelaide Central Market gives a completely different experience as you can go shopping for vegetables, fruits, cheeses, baked goods, flowers and then enjoy a huge variety of local and continental delicacies that are sure to blow you off your feet. Shop for families and friends and let the foodie be happy too!

      Getting there

The market can easily be located to the west of the Victoria Square and is a 5-7 minute drive from the city center that will cost about $10 in cab fares. If you are arriving from the airport, it will cost about $25 for a 15 minute drive.

4.     Port Adelaide

Port Adelaide

This place may be a bit off from the city’s center, but you cannot afford to miss it if you are into history and good food as well. Yes, apart from hosting a number of grand historic buildings like the Courthouse, Customs House and popular attractions like Aviation Museum, Maritime Museum and Railway Museum, the area is well known for its variety of fantastic restaurants and the fresh fish from the fishermen’s market.

      Getting there

The Adelaide port is about 15 kilometers away from the Airport and would cost around $25-$30 as the cab fare.

5.     Glenelg


If you have seen too much of man made icons, it’s time to enjoy nature at Adelaide and the first peak would definitely be a trip to Glenelg. Although not typically ‘in’ Adelaide, Glenelg is just about half an hour ride from the city’s center and once you reach the place, you will hardly like to go back. Dotted with numerous boutique hotels, sidewalk cafes and entertainment houses, Glenelg is the place to relax, have fun and unwind. You can also enjoy the beaches, go swimming or better enjoy a dive with the dolphins!  

      Getting there

For about a 25 minute trip from the CBD, the taxi fare would be around $ 20-$25.

6.     Barossa Valley

In the Barossa Valley

No missing a trip to the Barossa Valley if you are in Adelaide. Though Australia is well-known for its great wines, one of its gems lie here in the Barossa Valley. Being one of the largest producers of wine in Australia, this region has practically become the wine capital of the country and attracts visitors from all parts of the country and worldwide. Not only in quantity, with wines like Shiraz on the producing list, Barossa is now one of the favorites of the connoisseurs too. Enjoy some of the best wines at the various small and big cellars, enjoy the delicacies at different restaurants and life will be like ‘perfect’.

      Getting there

The Barossa Valley is at quite a distance from Adelaide and takes about an hour to reach from the heart of the city and will cost you about $100-$130 for a one way cab ride.

7.     Hahndorf


If you are looking to experience some European culture here in Adelaide, then visiting Hahndorf could really be worthwhile. Being the very first German settlement in these parts, Hahndorf has developed a very strong European culture, especially German. From craft shops to German style bakeries and pubs, this region has it all German. The location of this place is ideal too, as a gate away from the busy city life and to get a taste of life, the European way.

     Getting there

Buses are available from the CBD and you may also opt to reach the place via cabs. The cab ride takes about 45 minutes and can cost you around $50-$60.

8.     The Adelaide Zoo

The Adelaide Zoo

Each place has its own treasures as a man-made sanctuary for animals and the Adelaide Zoo is the one that has grown up in Adelaide. It may not be as big as the zoos in some Australian cities, yet it is one of the most popular zoos in South Australia, and not without reason. Apart from being the home to a huge number of white pandas, the Adelaide Zoo also boasts of its diversity and the collection of rare species of animals.

      Getting there

The Zoo is located conveniently at a driving distance of 20 minutes from the Airport and about 10 minutes from the center of the city.

9.     Oval


Oval has always been a tourist attraction in Adelaide and with the new makeover, you surely can’t miss it. Guided tours, photos and collections on display and an overview of this pretty stadium is sure to make your trip worthwhile.

       Getting there

Its at a fair distance from the Adelaide airport and drive of about 50 minutes, costing about $70-$80 will take you to the stadium.

10.Cleland Wildlife Park

Cleland Wildlife Park

You think Adelaide’s fauna ends with the Zoo? You are wrong here! Visit the Cleland Wildlife Park and you will find yourself in a natural habitat for those cute animals that you enjoy seeing. Emus, potoroos, kangaroos, wallabies – you find them all here. And not only that, you can roam about amongst them, taking snapshots, feeding them and getting to know about them more from the guides.

      Getting there

The wildlife park is about a half an hour distance from the CBD and costs around $50-$60 for a one way ride.