Oil is a basic need of today. We are living in such a world where no one can even live without consuming a specific amount of oil daily. We all need oil everywhere. We need it in our houses, in our offices, in our business. So the first thing which can come to an individual’s mind about oil is that it’s a golden sparrow. Yes, it is. This basic need has high rate all over the world, especially in the west. But in spite of all these factors, we can think about some remedy of this. We have to think! Because the price of petrol is rising day by day.

Total World Oil Reserves


We all know that most of the oil is in Middle East countries. They are controlling almost 75% oil reserves. Unfortunately, there is no such scientific technique that can produce a large amount of oil and can fulfill the country’s need. Well, it’s a vague idea that there will be complete elimination of oil need one day in the future, but most publications regarding this case say that if each individual in this world reduce the consumption of fuel by 2%, someday in the future we may solve this high rate problem may be. This article will surely help those people who want novel ideas about reducing the oil dependence and will reduce their daily oil consumption.

petroleum oil decline in Australia

Following four factors should be kept in mind if you want to reduce your oil need: 

  • Maintain your vehicle
  • Smart driving
  • Social websites
  • Walk more and change your lifestyle


1.      Maintain Your Vehicle

Green vehicles

The most economical and wise step which is easy to be taken and very useful is to maintain your vehicle in its best condition. It will help in less oil consumption. An excellent engine cuts your fuel use up to 45 gallons per year. In this way you can save fuel, your money and your surrounding environment. Always try your car’s tires to be well inflated. It will also result in best. Never try to overburden your vehicle. It’s a common observation that the fuel efficiency drops by 1% by every increase in 90-100 pounds of stuff. So always keep these few factors in your mind. These things will help you to maintain your budget as well as they will prove to be very environment-friendly. Moreover, when you go for buying a new car, you must keep in mind that what will be its energy cost.

2.      Smart Driving

Always drive smooth and steady and at an average speed. This will cut off your fuel consumption up to 15%.

3.      Think Maturely And Use Social Websites

There are many social networking websites through which you can communicate with your colleagues. These websites facilitate you to do meetings online or through web cams. So there is no need to go far off places and consume a large amount of fuels.

Conserving fuels

4.      Walk or Cycle More And Change Your Lifestyle

Make this your habit to cycle or walk more; it will keep you fit and healthy. It’s a common observation that the people of countries who have adopted this  habit have less oil dependence problem. So think wisely.