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    6 – 8 SMD LED Pure White Car Bulb 12V Festoon

    • Unbelievably cool festoon style lamp design
    • No installation hassle, just plug and use.
    • Excellent life due to Xenon look
    • 6 or 8 LED give a brilliant look
    • Highly durable
    • Low energy consumption
    • Available in a pure white color

  • 9004 HB2 65 – 45 W
    9004 HB2 65 – 45 W High/Low Clear Halogen Bulbs Headlight

    • Tungsten – filament technology in a glass capsule filled with halogen gas
    • Halogen gas increases light intensity
    • Dual filament halogen bulb
    • This bulb produces 700 lumens at low beam and 1200 lumens at high beam
    • Long lasting brightness compared to other regular filament bulbs
    • It is a low cost replacement option
    • Very popular option for headlights
    • Enables better down road visibility without glare
    • Provides a constant beam pattern

  • 9005 65 W 12V Fog-light
    9005 65 W 12V Fog-light – 4500K

    9005 65 W 12V Fog-light – 4500K
    • Single filament bulb in a glass capsule
    • Bright light helps in driving through thick fog
    • Enables better down road visibility without glare
    • Easy Installation, just plug and play
    • Ideal option for fog light in automobiles
    • Fits in direct current circuit
    • It is a budget friendly choice

  • 9006 55W 12V
    9006 55W 12V Halogen Headlamp & Fog Light

    • Tungsten filament , glass capsule, halogen lamp
    • Quality Glass
    • Very long lasting
    • Bright light
    • It is efficient and cost effective option
    • Easy Installation, just plug and play
    • Fits in direct current circuit
    • Improves night time visibility

  • 9007 65/55W
    9007 12 V – 65 / 55W – Halogen Head Light Globe

    • Dual filament, high/low beam, glass capsule, halogen globe
    • High temperature requires strong glass therefore globe is very long lasting
    • Brighter than regular halogen globes
    • Increased in visibility due to better sharper light
    • It does not add to glare
    • Cost effective
    • Easy Installation, just plug and play
    • Suitable for various vehicle models


    New Air Filter A1236 – A851
    Product Description
    • Air filter for extraordinary performance
    • Enables your vehicle to increase the gas mileage and reduces the fuel consumption
    • Efficient air flow
    • Expect the long life of your engine while using A1236 Air Filter
    • Much better than regular filter
    • Installation of the filter is the easiest job
    • Available in white color

  • Ford fairmeont air filter
    Air Filter Suits A491 Ford Falcon EB ED EF EL AU, Fairlane NC-NL AU (AA61)

    New Air Filter A-491 Fit Ford Falcon, Fairlane NC-NL AU
    • Premium quality air filter
    • Helps in making your car fuel efficient, increasing gas mileage
    • Will largely reduce emissions and will not reduce air flow for a long time
    • It will help prolong engine life making it a cost effective option
    • Less maintenance required compared to regular filters
    • It is a quick to fix and install filter
    Product Specification
    • Compatible to work with
    Ford – Fairlane
    Ford – Falcon
    Ford – LTD
    • Urethane and foam is used as end material
    • Sold as a single product
    Product Dimension:
    • Length = 287mm
    • Width = 227mm
    • Height = 41mm
    A491 air filters offer premium quality dust holding capacity without restricting airflow in various vehicles makes and models.
    Warning: Over blocked air filter will hamper vehicle performance and fuel efficiency, therefore it is essential to check and clean filters frequently.

  • H1 55W 12V
    H1 12V 55W Main beam / Headlights

    • Clear bright light
    • Great performance for a Halogen bulb
    • Produced intense and strong beam
    • Trouble-free installation, Simple plug and play
    • Need to change the circuit while installing them.
    • Fits with any H1 compatible vehicle car

  • H1 12v 55w Xenon look
    H1 12v 55w Xenon look Halogen

    Product Description
    • Authentic Xenon Look Halogen quality globes
    • Filled with extra Xenon Look gas
    • Light produced is 30% extra brighter than halogen bulbs
    • Produce intense beam of light
    • Have been made to serve great purpose while driving at night time
    • Very uncomplicated to set up

  • H11 55W 12V
    H11 55W 12V Halogen Bulbs Headlight

    Product Description
    • Halogen glass bulb
    • Advanced technology
    • Quaility white light
    • Plug and play
    • No modification needed for installation
    • Suitable for any vehicle model with H11 socket
    • Durable due to sturdy components used
    • Brightness better than regular halogen bulbs
    • Does not require change of circuits

  • H3 55W 12V
    H3 55W 12V Halogen Headlight Bulbs

    • Halogen Headlight Bulbs
    • Easy to plug in and use
    • Quality design and build
    • Very durable, long life
    • Available in a super white color

  • H3 55W 12V Xenon Look
    H3 55W 12V Xenon Look Halogen Headlight Bulbs

    • Super white/blue fog lights
    • HID Look, Halogen technology
    • Much brighter and clearer than ordinary halogen bulb
    • Designed for the Austrailian market
    • Reduces wear on glass due to supeiour design
    • Keeping your view clear during intense fod, heavy rain and snow storm
    • Easy to install
    • Direct plug in without any hassle.

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