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Oil is a basic need of today. We are living in such a world where no one can even live without consuming a specific amount of oil daily. We all need oil everywhere. We need it in our houses, in our offices, in our business. So the first thing which can come to an individual’s mind about oil is that it’s a golden sparrow. Yes, it is. This basic need has high rate all over the world, especially in the west. But in spite of all these factors, we can think about some remedy of this. We have to think! Because the price of petrol is rising day by day.

Total World Oil Reserves


We all know that most of the oil is in Middle East countries. They are controlling almost 75% oil reserves. Unfortunately, there is no such scientific technique that can produce a large amount of oil and can fulfill the country’s need. Well, it’s a vague idea that there will be complete elimination of oil need one day in the future, but most publications regarding this case say that if each individual in this world reduce the consumption of fuel by 2%, someday in the future we may solve this high rate problem may be. This article will surely help those people who want novel ideas about reducing the oil dependence and will reduce their daily oil consumption.

petroleum oil decline in Australia

Following four factors should be kept in mind if you want to reduce your oil need: 

  • Maintain your vehicle
  • Smart driving
  • Social websites
  • Walk more and change your lifestyle


1.      Maintain Your Vehicle

Green vehicles

The most economical and wise step which is easy to be taken and very useful is to maintain your vehicle in its best condition. It will help in less oil consumption. An excellent engine cuts your fuel use up to 45 gallons per year. In this way you can save fuel, your money and your surrounding environment. Always try your car’s tires to be well inflated. It will also result in best. Never try to overburden your vehicle. It’s a common observation that the fuel efficiency drops by 1% by every increase in 90-100 pounds of stuff. So always keep these few factors in your mind. These things will help you to maintain your budget as well as they will prove to be very environment-friendly. Moreover, when you go for buying a new car, you must keep in mind that what will be its energy cost.

2.      Smart Driving

Always drive smooth and steady and at an average speed. This will cut off your fuel consumption up to 15%.

3.      Think Maturely And Use Social Websites

There are many social networking websites through which you can communicate with your colleagues. These websites facilitate you to do meetings online or through web cams. So there is no need to go far off places and consume a large amount of fuels.

Conserving fuels

4.      Walk or Cycle More And Change Your Lifestyle

Make this your habit to cycle or walk more; it will keep you fit and healthy. It’s a common observation that the people of countries who have adopted this  habit have less oil dependence problem. So think wisely.

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We live in a world whose environment is a serious threat to our generation as well as the coming generations as it is highly polluted. A key factor in increasing the pollution is the usage of motor vehicles. Our next-gen will be forced to create a suitable environment for their sustenance on this planet. The future of the motor industry lies in achieving the design and development of smart modules which are also eco-friendly. 

The 1910 Hudson model


What is a Motor Vehicle?

A motor vehicle is one which is self-propelled, using an engine and does not run on rails, instead uses wheels to run on roads.  The heart of a motor vehicle is an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE).  Trucks, Buses, Cars, motorcycles or other motor driven vehicles – all fall under this category. A major problem with the motor vehicles is that, they require petrol or diesel for working which in turn emits a large amount of pollutants.  This possesses a serious threat to the environment. As such, the motor vehicles/models are being developed for present and future use, must conform to the new environmental requirements and try to minimize resource use and solve issues like combustion, exhaust, etc. that go on to pollute and harm the environment.

BMW facility


Solutions to this problem

A few solutions to avoid the pollution are to embed hybrid vehicles whose motto is to achieve greater fuel economy, to design and manufacture vehicles which run on electricity or solar power, use smart car technology which can sense the condition of the drivers and minimize accidents. The main solution lies in designing cars which minimize the usage of fuels which emit CFC’s.  Usage of Liquid Petrol Gasoline is another technique, but it is a costly affair.  If the energy from non-conventional sources can actually be garnered to run vehicles, then there can be a lot of change in this direction. 

The future of the motor industry

The motor industry involves research & development of new models, manufacturing and marketing the end products. The future will be in developing cost effective vehicles which are fuel efficient. Further the future of motor industry lies in developing vehicles which run on alternate power sources like electricity/battery operated vehicles, go-green using solar power. The vehicles which have better transmission of gear-box, shock absorbing capacity without much fuel wastage, smart sensor technology to assess the condition of the roads and the driver will be in the rise.  As it is practically impossible to abolish petrol and diesel engines, improvising them to reduce the emission and increasing mileage will be another factor.

Modern hybrid conceptFrom


Providing stylish and sleek designs with better aerodynamics to reduce fuel wastage in countering wind resistance for heavy vehicles. These days the battery operated cars face a problem of discharge after certain continuous usage. This will be countered by increasing the battery storage capacity and its efficiency. The usage of hydrogen powered fuel cell technology for cars is under research and may see light in the near future and lead to better sustainable situation.


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Centuries of dreams to reach the only natural satellite of the Earth and a boost to the technological developments in the 20th century. And the result? An incredible one that all Earthlings know. Yes, man finally landed on the moon. The dreams of millions were finally fulfilled by the 3 astronauts who landed on the Moon in the Apollo 11 and finally walked on the surface of the moon – a desire that represented the zenith of cutting edge technological development of the time.

Various moon landings


Although, there was a tough competition between the United States and Soviet Russia on who would be able to make it to the moon first, yet it was the US which finally rose to fame with the incredible human landing on the moon for the first time ever in the history of mankind. Three men, Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins, participated in a space mission that would forever be remembered as one of the top achievements of mankind. They finally made it to the moon, landed on it, collected samples and made it back safely to the Earth.

For all those alive then and for all in the generations to come, this was one of the proudest moments of the achievements of mankind. But the glory wasn’t spotless for long, as within a few years, the naysayers and the conspirators started spinning tales that the landing on the moon was fake and was some sort of cinematic charisma that was used to fool people, in order to gain political and social leverage over the closest competitors of the US and other countries worldwide, too.



The astronauts on moon

A story that was the ‘oh-so-proud’ moment was soon converted to a hoax that was often up for sneering debates and discussions and became the plot for hundreds of comic stories and billboards. Hundreds of the so-called illustrations and explanations came up all over the internet and all other media like televisions, radios, newspaper with reasons and guesses about why the landing on the moon couldn’t be real and they were faked just to suit the needs of the country and its government.

While such hoaxes have been in the air for quite some time now yet it has been proved again and again that the moon landing of the 1969 was for real and it was indeed the zenith of the technological achievement of the period. Ever since the conspiracy theories came into existence, there has been a strong contention amongst the two groups – one that believes that landing was real and are proud of it and the other that believes that its all an eyewash to gain supremacy in the world.

Serious discussions and debates have been waged all along regarding this matter over the last few decades and proofs and counter theories have been provided by both parties to prove that they are right and the others are wrong. With years of grueling, bitter debates several ideas have come from the side of the conspirators and yet they are nowhere close to proving that the incident was faked while proofs presented by the other side are quite strong to prove and establish, for once and all, that the moon landing was and is real. If you are still in a dilemma and haven’t been yet able to decide if you should really be proud of the event or regard it as a sham, then here are some reasons/explanations that will blow away all delusions and hesitations and establish firmly that man indeed landed on the moon in 1969:

The repeated landings

Neil Armstrong on the Lunar Surface

Yes, that’s the first fact that any naysayer or conspirator must consider before he/she goes on building up a debate. If the landing was a fake, why repeat it? That’s a general question that should pop up in anyone’s mind. If you put up a false show, you don’t repeat it again and again without anything to gain further. One landing or six, the US would still be regarded as the first country to be able to land men on the moon. So, why make several successive moon landings if they were already the pioneers and the event was actually fake? Isn’t that too risky when considered sensibly? Any mistake from any person or a loose lipped person and the whole story would be out to the world to be shamed for all times to come. This may not be a scientific proof, but it is, no doubt, a strong rationale to explain that the landing on the moon did really happen and it was no cutting edge camera trick that got the whole world fooled. Successive faking of the same story – too risky and moreover, too costly without any additional gain.

The rock samples

Men who landed on the moon in 1969 and later on too, collected several kilograms of lunar rock for analysis and brought them back to the earth. The missions from Apollo 11 to Apollo 17 accumulated about 3832 kilograms in the form of rock samples and top scientists from across the world have testified to the fact that these are, in no way, similar to any rock samples that can be found terrestrially, either on land or under the oceans. As such, the difference in the nature of the samples is a strong enough point that this belongs to the moon.

Apollo 15 Genesis Rock


In spite of that, there have been several rumors and theories that say that these rock samples were not collected from the moon itself. To testify their theories, the conspirators suggested that although the sample does not match with any terrestrial samples collected so far, it could be that these are portions of the lunar meteors that struck the earth at different times. Well, this could have been a winning theory for the conspirators, the only issue with this theory is that the lunar meteorites weren’t first found before the 1980s which was way later than the first landings on the moon.

Moon's surface as taken by Apollo 17


If the rock samples were fake, how did the astronauts get them way earlier in 1969 when the meteorites were discovered only in 1980s? Point to consider! And add to that the fact that only around 30 kilograms of meteorite materials were found, much, much less than that collected by astronauts over the time. So, if the landings were actually faked, how did the rocks become natural and that too, in such enormous amounts. Time to start thinking!

No insider to ‘leak’ the story

All stories or hoaxes have, at some point of time or the other, leaked and come to the surface and the sources have always been some insider, could be a big-mouthed pawn or loose-lipped main man. Whatever may the source be, there have always been cases where even full-proof plans or hoaxes have been revealed at a point of time and shamed. But there has been no such incidents in the case of the moon landings. Over 400,000 people were involved during the course of the various Apollo landings on the moon and if they were really fakes, there would have been some inside story, sooner or later.

But any gossip, any conspiracy theory that has surged so far, came only from outsiders and it seems very unlikely that all the thousands of people who were actually involved in the project never ever hushed on the matter, didn’t boast that he knew the truth or even tried to cash on it, if the moon landings were really fake. So before you even start  thinking that these may be a hoax, give a thought!

No comments from the Soviet camp

This was a time when the Cold War was high on both the camps and being able to shame the US in relation to the moon landings could have been too good an opportunity to miss for the Soviet Union. But contrary to the general belief, nothing was said by the Soviets and they kept totally mum, even when proving that the moon landing was fake could have irrevocably harmed the political conditions of the US and done some good to the country. There was not even a single word from the Soviet camp, which could be taken as an indirect proof that the landings were, indeed, real.

Although, some people are of the opinion that the Russians may have been the partners in this fraud, yet that’s too ridiculous to be accepted as the relations between the two countries were far from friendly in those times. Conspiracy theory makes, take a break!

The photographs taken

Many have argued over the period of several years that the photographs of the moon’s surface that were taken by the astronauts were false and they were just ‘filmed’ at some secret studio. If that be true, it seems quite absurd that the huge number of photos that the astronauts took had nothing remotely earthly, except the same lunar surface that we all have been seeing for years afterwards. This would mean that the numerous pictures that we see were perfectly faked, a mammoth task to achieve in those times.

edwin aldrin landing on the moon


Also, there has been much rumor regarding the lights and the shades that we see in the images that were captured by the astronauts. A theory that has been put forward by the naysayers highlight that the shadows in certain pictures seem to be illuminated. According to them, this can only be possible there exists another source of light. But that’s not true. This phenomenon may happen on the moon, even without the existence of a second source of light. Yes, you read it right. This is possible because regolith or the moon dust as we commonly know it, is very reflective and as the moon has no atmosphere of its own, the sun rays that are dulled by the Earth’s atmosphere, come in pretty bright and strike the moon’s surface and the reflection that both these features will collectively cause is much, much sharper and brighter than we see on the Earth and hence, will naturally illuminate close by things, like the shadows in this case. So, no second light source as the conspirators may say.

Edwin Aldrin on moon


Another issue that they have thrown light upon is why are there no stars in the skies in the pictures. You have already started thinking that if it was really on the moon, there should have been lots of stars in the sky as viewed from the moon and if they are not there, maybe the pictures are fake. But are they really? No, there is a scientific and technical reasoning behind this, one too strong to be proven false. As we have already mentioned, the moon reflects much more light than the Earth and as such, in these pictures, the skin of the lunar module is the brightest thing and as such, the photographers or the astronauts had to maintain a very small camera aperture so that they could actually capture clear images without blurring them with the bright light reflecting from the moon’s surface and the lunar module as well. As such, they had no option but to just to concentrate on the moon’s surface, thus barring out the lovely, star-filled skies that the conspirators were looking for. The NVIDIA experts who recently scrutinized the images also mentioned that in some pictures the stars are actually present but they are too small to see and only changing the exposure can actually reveal them.

The controversial spotlight

Also, a few images had a bright shiny object in view that looked much like a spotlight that the cameramen use during the shooting. This brought to the surface another hoax from the naysayers that it was indeed a spotlight that the cameraman may have forgotten to remove. Was it, really? Of course, not. The explanation for it is very simple! We already know that Neil Armstrong had already been on the moon for some time when Aldrin was climbing onto the surface. And what seems to be a spotlight, is actually, the space suit of Armstrong, reflecting off the bright light that had fallen on him. No fakes here! None at all!

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